Interview with Ms. Megan

Posted by tinyfootstepspreschool on November 23, 2019 at 1:10 PM


Megan Bowden registered her son at Tiny Footsteps Preschool in 2011 in the hope it would offer him a valuable and even life-changing learning and growing opportunity. Little did she know Tiny Footsteps Preschool would be doing that for her as well.


When founder" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Heather Traeden was ready to hand the reigns of Tiny Footsteps over, she wanted someone who had the same vision and passion as she did. She had to look no further than Megan to find the right person to continue the legacy of quality learning and loving.


Read on as Megan tells you, in her own words, about herself, how she came to own Little Footsteps Preschool, and what we can look forward to in the coming years.



Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I grew up in Idaho but moved to Utah about 25 years ago. I have been married for nearly 20 years and have 4 beautiful children, whom have had the opportunity to all attend Tiny Footsteps.


What brought you to Tiny Footsteps?

I came to Tiny Footsteps Preschool in 2011, when my son was beginning preschool. I originally came in as a parent, but quickly took a part time position as a reading day helper.


What have been your responsibilities there?

I have done nearly everything within my comfort zone. I prefer to assist verses be the lead teacher, but if Jen is ever gone, I take over the lead teacher for the days. I have assisted in the MWF preschool class for most of my time at Tiny Footsteps, but just this year, I have also begun assisting in the TR class as well.


How has the transition of taking ownership of Tiny Footsteps been?

The transition overall went pretty smooth. [Our team] met with Heather, discussed what has worked, not worked, and the nitty gritty things several times, we were able to hash out what we know, don’t know and where we need to make some adjustments. There have been moments of stress, worry and overwhelm, but I feel we have the dream team and together have maintained the vision of Tiny Footsteps with the future in mind.


Who else is part of the Tiny Footsteps team?

I am the owner. Jen Munk is the lead teacher. I assist [Jean] teach each day. Alexis Swanson helps with marketing, back office, and “tech” stuff.


What is your future goal for TF?

I hope in the next couple of years to expand Tiny Footsteps [so we can] offer morning and afternoon classes. I really can’t picture my life without the preschool and look forward to working it until I cannot.


What else would you like to say about TF?

I feel absolutely blessed to continue the legacy of the Tiny Footsteps Preschool. It has blessed the lives of my children and I hope to continue to bless the lives of each and every child (and their family) that come to our preschool. I do my best to tailor to each child, and work on building up the whole child. I look forward to the many, many more children who become Tiny Footstep’ers.




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