4 Benefits of Early Childhood Education for Your Child

Posted by tinyfootstepspreschool on December 3, 2019 at 8:30 AM

Every good parent wants what’s best for their child. We make sure they eat, sleep, and play well—all tools in the healthy development of young children. But what if there was something else parents could do for their kids, something that could help them socially, intellectually, and emotionally? What if there was something we could offer our kids that would help them experience greater academic, social, and even financial success in their future?

The good news is there is; It is early childhood education.

A recent 2017 Harvard study analyzed 22 high-quality studies conducted over nearly 60 years and concluded that ”there is increasing evidence that social-emotional skills may play a role, as they support children’s ability to continuously engage in learning environments, manage their own behaviors, and get along well with others.”

In other words, quality education for our preschool learners can provide them with life-long benefits.


Four such benefits are:


  • Developing healthy socializing skills. When young children attend preschool, they are exposed to people off all personality types and ages. They can learn valuable social skills such as sharing, patience, kindness, and empathy that can help them develop and maintain healthy life-long social relationships. Through guided and varied play, children can gain valuable social skills, knowledge, and experience that enhance early learning. (Kaplan 1978; Bergen 1998; Johnson, Christie, & Yawkey 1999).

  • Closing the achievement gap. In education, the disparity between the academic performance of various groups of students is called the achievement gap. Laying a strong academic foundation can close that gap for your child, giving them the best chance to be successful academically and socially not only in elementary school, but in upper grades and even into adulthood." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">A 5-year study performed by Robert Slabey of San Jose State University corroborates this theory: “Children have the greatest chance of succeeding in school if they regularly attend a high quality preschool program.” In a child’s early years, millions of synapses are forming every day. Slabey’s believe is that the experiences in early childhood form the foundations of the brain. Active learning in early years not only encourages brain growth and levels the playing field in higher grades. “To bring academic equity to children at the beginning of their schooling is the first step in closing the achievement gap.”

  • Improve attention spans: Through daily schedules, teacher-guided and self-guided activities, interactive games, and engaging lessons, preschool students develop the ability to stay focused on a given task. This valuable skill also transfers to other areas of their lives, such as home, church, outings, or playdates.

  • Improve positive decision-making skills: Young children learn about choice and consequences in a safe environment such as a preschool class. As they experience cause and effect, they begin to learn what works and doesn’t work, how to think creatively, and practice making good decisions.



If these four benefits of early childhood education aren’t enough, here a few more:

Children learn to cooperate

They develop enthusiasm for life-long learning

They learn respect

Children gain confidence

Creativity is boosted

They are better prepared for kindergarten

They become better readers in elementary school and beyond


Here at Tiny Footsteps Preschool, we not only believe in the benefits of early childhood education, but we have seen them in the lives of the students we teach and care for. We would love to be a part of bringing these benefits into your child’s life too.


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